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Legal Highs and the Different Sorts of K2 Spice for Sale


K2 herbal incense is also known as “Spice” or K2. It is natural incense which is composed of ingredients like “canavalia rosea, clematis nuciferia, heima salicfolia, and ledum palustre”. Total of six variations of the incense are available. This is a controversial item on the internet as well as in some countries that have not yet legalized it.

It was a rumor at one time that a mother of two died after using synthetic-marijuana laced incense known as K2 spice incense which has led to many lawmakers pushing for a ban of various substances used in making K2 and other legal highs.

There are different kinds of K2 spices for sale in the market which are mentioned below:

K2 Summit – This is the most popular of the K2 menu.  It’s a mixture of botanicals and herb like bay bean, rose and other natural scents.  This is as per the most potent of the blends and emits a sophisticated aroma when burned.

K2 Blonde – This K2 blend is very popular in the women cause of its calming vanilla and cinnamon fragrance.  It’s made from a refined selection of herbs, plants and delicate extracts and other compounds that produces a soothing aroma of vanilla and nutmeg.

K2 Citron – As the name suggests its essence lies with fruits and also produces a citrus aroma when burnt. It tenders a relaxing sort of comfortable feeling.

K2 Blue – It is made from a variety of herbs, synthetic compounds, and plant extracts to release a relaxing blueberry fragrance.

K2 Strawberry – This blend holds a variety of herbs and extracts, having an aromatic strawberry fragrance that is soothing and calming.

K2 Pineapple – This is another popular mix containing pineapple and other earthly compounds that has a wonderful aroma.

K2 Sex – K2 Sex is very popular for obvious reasons. It contains a proprietary mix of ingredients aimed to create a sensual aroma.

K2 Avalanche – This is the latest and most unique blend from K2 Legal Smoke.  It features an incredible new aroma and gives off a luscious and vibrant smoke.

According to research, K2 herbal incense contains bioactive herbs that help in the intoxicating “effect” but that the real effect comes from the JWH, which is a pain relieving chemical.